Most of us already know the story of creation in the Bible and other religious texts. Whether you believe creationism as true or false is up to you. At some point one needs to ask him/herself, “how did I end up here?” Why am I here? Is there more to this life?

The question, “Why?” is a very profound and mysterious inquiry that every human loves (also hates) to ask. “Why am I going to school?” “Why do I have this job?” “Why do I like him/her?” In fact, asking why proves our desire to find a purpose that is beyond human comprehension and logic. What that desire is, is love. Take time to think and ponder about love. Love itself is confusing, outrageous, ridiculous, illogical. Yet, at the same time it is also amazing, fascinating, desirable and fulfilling.

“Why do I go to school?”- “Because I love my parents and I don’t want to disappoint them.”

“Why was I born?” – “Because two people loved each other and decided to express their love physically” 

Those two examples are what I like to call, “Pure Love.” But much like all things in this world, love can become tainted, defecated and tarnished which I call “Impure Love.”

“Why do I go to school?” – “Because I love the idea of leaving my parent’s house to show them how much they needed me.”

“Why was I born?” – “Because a man loved to show is sexual dominance so he raped an innocent women.”

Here’s the reality. Love encompasses and penetrates all areas and points of every person’s life. It’s more than a three word phrase of “I love you”; it’s a human-made construct that we respond with our minds and hearts. We send and receive love with millions of different responses and outcomes. But no matter how toxic the responses are or how beautiful they are we all want to love and to be loved

I argue that the beginning of your life and mine all began because there was and is love. Why you go to school is because you love something. Why you read this post is because there is something to love. Why you even breathe is because something is worthy enough to love. Again, whether you believe that or not is up to you. But the point of this blog is to challenge your beliefs about love. So that we can discuss and share with one another what we love while exploring and identifying why we love those things.

This blog began because I love talking to others about what I and what others love.


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